Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Adventure At A Time as presented by my Adventures In Northeast Ohio Goodie Bag

Earlier this week I was invited to attend the Adventures In Northeast Ohio’s Media Showcase event held at the Wyndham Hotel downtown Cleveland. This event was for the purpose of giving all local media a quick overview of all upcoming events and to suggest possible travel destinations located in northeast Ohio.

My invitation to this event came from Ms.Geauga herself, Lynda Nemeth, Director of Geauga County Tourism Council. I had originally met Lynda on Twitter, of course her code name being @MsGeauga and over the last 5 to 6 months began to twitter back and forth about events being held in Geauga County and about my need for a Geauga County Amish pie. I so looked forward to finally meeting her in person.

Armed with a her smile and an Apple pie from the Amish Home Bakery in Middlefield, Lynda could not of given me a more warmer welcome. I was seated with a charming group who also represented Geauga County, and who made me feel a bit underdressed. Robin and Donna from Settler’s Village arrived in Renaissance attire and came excited to talk about their village and large recycled cow. (We will talk about that later as well as the live animal at the end of the event. Taller than me, a baby and so adorable!)

Anyway, after our enjoyable lunch, each member representing a different venue gave a 3 minute overview about
their respective business or attraction. It was about half way through that a sudden cold sweat came across me. I suddenly realized I had wronged my readers. There was so much more I needed to add to, so much more to blog about northeast Ohio and so many places I had not yet visited. I needed to set things right. But how? How could I do justice to these wonderful presenters? Then it hit me.

Armed with my 3-inch presentation binder and my big bag of goodies which I had received, I am setting off to correct my mistake. I will attempt to travel Northeast Ohio one adventure at a time. One brochure and goodie at a time. Of course this will require me to eat the goodies in the bag as I come to each attraction, play with the toys I have received and do additional reading and follow-up, but I am ready. Armed with my delicious Apple Amish pie I will perceiver.

As I start my Blog adventure through Northeast Ohio I want to say a special thank you to all the members of the Adventures In Northeast Ohio organization and say without your passion and enthusiasm about your Ohio venue, we would not be
"Rock'in Ohio One Adventure At A Time®" . You prove to me that there are a lot of very passionate people about Ohio and who care about all the wonderful adventures we have to offer. And I thank you, our unsung heroes.

For more information about Adventures In Northeast Ohio click here.

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