Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adventures in Northeast Ohio | Member Blue Canyon Kitchen * Tavern

On March 16, 2010 I made a horrible mistake. It is not always easy to admit that you may have done something wrong, but I had. I contacted Mary Grace Hejl, the Private Dining Coordinator at the Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern in Twinsburg and explained to her that I was going to be fulfilling a promise I had made to myself in a prior blog, which was to write about all the Adventures In Northeast Ohio members. She was so accommodating on the phone, answered all my questions as well as gave menu suggestions to try and it was then that I made arrangements with her to arrive on a specific day and time.

Here is where the I blew it. Like all my reviews on restaurants I try to be just a normal customer. Big time journalist snooping around incognito looking for the inside scoop. Actually, I like to kind of melt into the woodwork. Anyway, I arrived on the day I said, asked for a tab
le for one and proceeded to decide what to order.

Meanwhile, in another area waiting for my arrival was Mary Grace, who I found out later the next day, had gone home to get all dressed up, had arranged to have a special chef come in to cook a special meal for
me and to top it off made special arrangements to give me a private tour of the lodge. Guess who looks like the idiot here?

So first, I would like to apologize to Mary Grace who went out of her way to accommodate me. I am so very sorry for not realizing that such a classy restaurant like the Blue Canyon would make such a fuss and work so very hard to make my visit as well as every guests experience an enjoyable one.

But let me tell you Mary Grace,I had an enjoyable time anyway. Yes, I w
ould of felt so very honored to have had a chef cook something special for me and I would of loved to have met you in person, and had I not taken so long to enjoy my meal before announcing myself, I could of maybe caught up with you before you left. I hope that you please accept my apologizes for not figuring things out sooner.

But rest assured, my evening was still very delightful. If you have never been to the Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern then you are missing a wonderful treat. Nestled on the side of a hill in the City of Twinsburg Ohio this western style log cabin designed lodge offers great food, a warm welcoming feel and a very gracious staff. What a wonderful place to take that special someone to celebrate that special occasion like a birthday, prom, proposal, or host a rehearsal dinner, small wedding or family reunion.

After being seated, I proceeded to debate over the many meal choices. I eyed the Beef Tenderloin with whipped potatoes and crispy onion rings, hesitated over the Yankee Style Pot Roast, debated over the Lobster Linguine, thought twice over the Lobster Bacon Mac and Cheese, but when it was said and done, I ordered what Mary Grace had suggested, their famous Pretzel Crusted Trout.

Not sure if I would really like trout I held my breath and prayed for the best, while still thinking should I have ordered the Lobster Bacon Mac and Cheese? After a delicious salad served on a chilled plate and the sampling of fresh rolls, my trout arrived. First, I should of brought a friend to help me eat that much food and second the way they prepared the trout and placed it over their special potatoes and covered it with capers and sauce was absolutely scrumptious. What a wonderful unique taste. I can see why it is a customer favourite. After a few bites, I was glad I had made the Pretzel Crusted Trout my selection. However, I still am thinking about that Lobster Bacon Mac and Cheese! Another day.

I did learn why I was at the tavern that they have Mystery Tours about three (3) times a year, which sounded like a lot of fun. The Tavern can cater your special party, from 10 to 100. They offer beautiful patio seating, a very picturesque porch, fireplaces to enjoy, large dining area with an unbelievable view, seating for 12 at the Chef’s Table or you can ask to dine at the bar where you can watch all the kitchen action from. (I think I would like to sit there next and have my Lobster Bacon Mac and Cheese.)

What a great stop to get pampered after a hard day of shopping at one of the local malls or outlets. The Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern would also be a great place to host a business meeting or if you are a tour operator the tavern would be a wonderful treat for your group. I am sure if Mary Grace went so far out of her way to accommodate me, imagine what the staff must do for groups and special events.

So, if you are looking for a place that offers a little something different and treats you a little special, why not make a reservation at the Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern. Let them know you read about them on our blog. For additional information about the tavern and to review their menu, check out their website at http://www.bluecanyonrestaurant.com.

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