Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures In Northeast Ohio | Member – Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub

As I began to review my Adventures In Northeast Ohio Media Kit last week, I found the hardest part of my assignment was deciding what attraction or business venue to start with first. After much deliberation, I made my choice. Being that this is the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and in my media kit is an Irish Pub, I decided I would start there. Stomach first is what I say. So last week I set off to explore one local Irish pub, of course in my undercover funky green shirt and St. Patty’s Day buttons.

Destination - Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub. Now if you have not ventured to this local eatery, you are missing such a wonderful treat. According to the story told at the media event by Mary Jo and Bill Demopoulos, the owners, the name “Mavis Winkle” was derived from a character their daughter had played in a play. In the play Mavis Winkle was a wise older woman who always liked to have a good time. (Maybe that is why I find such a connection!)

When you arrive at Mavis Winkles the first thing you will notice is the bustling atmosphere, the feeling that you are really at the local gathering place. Now please do not be fooled by the name Irish Pub. Mavis Winkle’s is definitely a family friendly restaurant. In fact they offer a “Wee People” menu, which includes selections like chicken tenders and a Baby Boxty.

For those not familiar with what a Boxty is, which I was not until just recently. A Boxty is a traditional Irish potato dish, similar to a potato pancake. And who does not love potato pancakes? Well, at Mavis Winkle’s they offer a Corned Beef Boxty, which is warm corned beef piled atop a boxty, then melted swiss cheese is placed on top. Also included in your meal is a side of coleslaw, sliced pickles and a horsey mustard dressing. I being the traditionalist asked for Thousand Island to go with my somewhat Rueben. But I have to confess I really liked the horsey mustard much better has a nice kick. The corned beef was very good and I have decided that I could easily become addicted to boxty’s.

Of course, like the true spy that I am, I checked out what everyone else had ordered around me. The chicken paprikash and the shepard’s pie both looked very good. According to their menu, they also offer pot roast, a salmon or chicken boxty, pierogi’s, ruebens, strip steaks, cajun pasta, healthy menu items and of course fish & chips to name just a few items. And let’s not forget to talk about the staff. My waitress was an absolute pleasure. The facilities seemed very clean and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think even “Chef Gordon Ramsay” would have been pleased.

So, may I suggest that you plan to make a date and visit Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub where everyone is welcome and per the Demopoulos family, the staff will always try to make your experience a “moment in time”. Hence the Mavis Winkle clock I received in my media packet.

For more information about Mavis Winkle’s go to their website at They have two locations, Twinsburg and Independence. Both locations are full service restaurants. They also offer a catering menu and take-out. Besides the regular menu they also offer monthly specials, like for St. Patty’s Day they are offering Kegs & Eggs from 8 to 11 am and a special menu 11 am to 10 pm.

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